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Best Book for a Grieving Child

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

On the Wings of the Butterfly is a beautiful and gentle grief resource book for kids up to 10yrs of age.

Dealing with loss for kids

Kids, like adults show their feelings of grief in a myriad of ways. And the pain of losing a loved one is every bit as harsh for a child.
We have to be gentle, patient and kind - even if we are experiencing the same loss experience.

Disbelief, numbness, guilt, anger, confusion- supporting a child through these feelings may be new and difficult territory.
On the Wings of a Butterfly was written to speak to the heart of a grieving child, explaining with the analogy of moments tied together on a piece of string, no one knows how many moments their piece of string will hold. It speaks of ways to remember our loved ones, and gently touches on babies born sleeping.
My beautifully illustrated book gives permission to grieve through feelings of anger or sadness, and normalises tears.
It's so important to be able to speak about your memories and express emotions in order to heal.
Finally - permission to live your life and find joy in the things you love through acceptance.

On the Wings of a Butterfly is available worldwide at

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