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On the Wings of a Butterfly

I wrote this book for so many reasons.

Firstly I wrote it because something inside of me felt it was the right book for me to take on next because I have lived it. I know how loss feels to a child.

Secondly I was asked to write it by some beautiful mums that I met who were going through the loss of their little ones, fate kept at me reminding me to begin it, even my own mother suggested it as a natural digression.

Thirdly I wrote it for all of the families who are going through the toughest of times trying to understand, come to terms with and cope with the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one.

When I was a little girl I was the youngest in my family of 5. I have fond memories of my father.

He loved having his back scratched, his feet too (as do I, but my husband is purposely bad at this, of that I am certain) I inherited my love of chocolate and The Eagles from him too, as did I with the love of Lionel Richie and Anne Murray. If Anne Murray isn't a name you've heard of. Copy Paste the link below and enjoy.

The memories I have are all of a childish and distant nature because in May of 1986 he was taken to soon from us. Suddenly and devastatingly my family of five was now a family of four.

The feelings I can come to terms with as an adult with a rational mind (my husband may disagree once a month) but as a child these feelings were overwhelming and confusing.

Crying, I wanted to cry all the time, but also I didn't want to because of the reaction from the people around me. Talking about him, I tried to keep these conversations short and sweet because talking about my dad bought tears, so back to square one. Confusion, did he really die? Maybe he didn't. But he did, I saw him. There was so much going on inside of me emotionally, for years. I feel sad thinking about my seven year old self. I'd love to go back in time and show her that my 37 year old self is ok now and that my life is full of love and light and most of all I am HAPPY. She'd have loved that.

When I wrote ON the Wings of a Butterfly I carefully crafted the words so that I was confident they would bring comfort to the reader. The reader being the young child AND the parent. For they need to hear these words too.

Why did I call my book On the Wings of a Butterfly? I named it thinking of my darling girlfriend whose mother was taken too soon. Linda was the light in my girlfriends life, her rock. She was a special woman inside and out. She emanated love and kindness. She is a butterfly. She visits my girlfriend and her children as this beautiful creature. Both Linda and my own girlfriend Rebecca are butterflies. I think of beautiful Becc each and every time I see one flutter by me at just the right moment.

My book is almost ready. I have a couple more child grief councillors and centres to wait on for approval of my wording and my illustrator is just doing the most wonderful of jobs bringing it to life.

Lots of love Belinda xoxo

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