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The Belinda Messer Story

It's for the love of educating through my own experiences and passions that I write children's books that make a difference.  

My first and second book titles, An IVF Story and 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees are Sex ED books for young ones from 4 years of age. These beautiful books were an exciting venture and this process of creation taught me so much about writing and publishing books.  

From writing, design for illustration,  publishing and distribution I take a hands on approach. 

Most recently I published On the Wings of a Butterfly,  a special children's book for families struggling to help little ones through times of grief.  This title is very close to my heart and the wonderful feedback from families and psychologists alike has truly been touching. 


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Book Review by Little Parachutes
On the Wings of a Butterfly LAUNCHES at Bookface Orion and online! 
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"My Family Story" shared with Steve Austin on Brisbane Radio ABC612. Here I speak about my IVF miracle and infertility struggles. 
Sydney Morning Herald article about the 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees
Chats on River 94.9FM Radio with Campo and Margaux Parker about Ipswich Lets Play!
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QT Article introducing On the Wings of a Butterfly 
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How to Give Hope to a Child Grieving - BUBHUB Article
How to Talk to Kids about Losing a Loved One - MY KIDS TIME ARTICLE
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On the Wings of a Butterfly

On the Wings of a Butterfly

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