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  Belinda's new book  "On the Wings of a Butterfly" 

Beautifully guides children through the death of a loved one


A book to gently guide both the child, and adult reading with them, through their grief.

On the Wings of a Butterfly

On the Wings of a Butterfly

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on the wings of a butterfly

On the Wings of a Butterfly was written to gently guide both the child, and adult reading with them, through their grief. With beautiful illustrations by Jessica Smith.

On the Wings of a Butterfly is a special keepsake for all little ones to help them remember their loved one. 

Be it a family member, a pet or a baby born sleeping.

Recommended age 4-10yrs. 

Used by Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Grief Counsellors.  

An IVF story


IVF is incredible. Most families who have children created this way will agree that at some stage in their extra special one's lives, they will want to explain their amazing conception.

Beautifully illustrated and with simple explanation this book is the perfect tool to get the conversation going.  

guide to the birds and the bees

 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees is the perfect first resource to explain the basics of conception and birth to an inquisitive child from 4-10yrs.  

From natural conception, IVF, IUI and Surrogacy to vaginal and caesarean births, this beautifully illustrated and engagingly written book will be a great help when it comes time to start the conversation.  


Ipswich Lets Play was a commissioned book by the Ipswich City Council and truly a joy to create.  I loved personally experiencing all of the great places to play in Ipswich and creating this special book to encourage outdoor play and family outings within this beautiful city. This book is a free publication and available at most council libraries in Ipswich and tourism spots.  

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