Can you guess whose turning 40? and read on to know what NOT to ask me or any other human being in a patronising tone. <3

September 6, 2018




Its official. I am having another birthday soon and it is a BIG one!  In mid December I will be turning 40, understandably you may gasp at this prospect as my youthful personality and looks are enough to cause a sense of shock and awe.  But to be honest,  I don't actually have an opinion on how I feel about it as I haven't actually experienced any kind of paranoia at turning 40 as yet. This may be due to the fact that most of my girlfriends are already there and I feel as though I am joining an exclusive club a little, I'll admit to be sad that gone will be the days of the ' oh you're just a baby' quips when my age is bought up.  But I'm good with it.  Throughout my 30's I could never remember how old I was anyway, my husband and I would have to work it out mathematically (both our ages admittedly) so turning 40 is at least, hard to forget. 

I had my first born child at almost 22 years and have been the 'young mum' in the school pickup of her grades since circa 2006.  I'm still the youngish mum in my second child's year, being 26 when I had her. Finally when it comes to my youngest child, (I was 33) I seem to finally be at the median age doing the pickups at prep. 

If I looked back to my 20 year old self, I seemingly had the world at my feet.  I lived with my girlfriends, I was killing it at Harvey Norman being the first female to my knowledge to work in Computer Hardware sales essentially paving the way for us gals to become the norm talking and selling PC's, and Laptops, which believe you me was a mans world.  The amount of computer sales commissions I had to 'gift' to a male computer hardware salesman simply because it 'wasn't my section' was ludicrous.  I'll add that they could come into my section willy nilly and sell sell sell.  I was employed in the mobile phone department when I was 18, this was when Mobiles were in their absolute hay day, selling and connecting sometimes 10 phones a day, then shifted to portable computing (laptops and portable accessories, digital cameras and PDA's) it was from there that I was promoted to be 'one of the guys' in Hardware. Oh the hilarity in the sexism, the sexual harassment, the patronisation and the condescending remarks I turned a blind eye to.  But it was evident that the customers loved me.  (My bosses always supported me, I enjoyed many fantastic proprietors whilst in the Harvey Norman family for 12 years. Side note: I was lucky enough to have one of them call me Boobs when asking me to do something that I didn't agree with.  This was in hindsight because he was embarrassed that I wouldn't do what he wanted, so in front of all of the male staff in a meeting he said.  Boobs, just go and do it) I really enjoyed and appreciated that particular boss, I was very sad when he left.)   I met and married my husband (we met at Harvey Norman) and we chose to build a life together and create a family.  After children I worked part time at Harvey's and was open to abuse from the 'guys' when my part time sales commissions far outweighed many of their full time commissions.  Brent and I built a life and family and we worked hard to get where we were by the time I turned 30. 

30, the big 3-0.  At thirty we had just built our first home and were a busy young family raising two beautiful little girls.  We embarked on a mission to complete our family by using IVF to create our darling son, I retired my Harvey Norman uniform and I went on to paint and sell my BKM11 Oil Paintings, write four educational children's books through my middle to late thirties as well as host and organise annual Bravehearts Charity events (This year will by our 5th year - almost $60,000 donated to educating our kids against child sex abuse).  I donate my time when I can to the Endeavour Foundation. My friendship groups are conglomerative (not sure if this is a word)  I simply cannot live without my morning Merlo coffees and Yoga with my girlfriends - I mean I totally could, I just wouldn't want to. I go to a stupid amount of concerts and Days on the Greens, and enjoy life so much more with age. 


So here we are, life is hectic as hell, the days of the week sometimes blur together and remembering what I did yesterday can be a challenge. 

Though somehow here I am at 39 years and 9 months and I'm sitting with a little seed of excitement as to what my 40's will bring.  My self confidence gets stronger with age.  Perhaps I've always been exhaustingly confident, but I truly do think that I am the best version of me at present.  Oh Lord, one can only imagine how much better with age I'll think I am in another 10 years.  

And in closing, HB to me in three months - your guess is as good as mine for what I'm yet to become and what I want to do!  


see bottom of page for Pet hate



 My Bravehearts Girls! 



 Conglomerate of friend groups <3 OH I love them HARD xo 



Pet Hate Alert - If you are considering asking someone 'what do you do all day'  just don't.  I can guarantee you are better off worrying about yourself and what you are doing.







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