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 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees is the perfect first resource to explain the basics of conception and birth to an inquisitive one from 4-10yrs.  From natural conception, IVF, IUI and Surrogacy to vaginal and caesarean births, this beautifully illustrated and engagingly written book will be a great help when it comes time to start the conversation.  


IVF is incredible. Most families who have children created this way will agree that at some stage in their extra special ones lives, they will want to explain their amazing conception. Beautifully illustrated and with simple explanation this book is the perfect tool to get the conversation going.  

Ipswich Lets Play was a commissioned book by the Ipswich City Council and truly a joy to create.  I loved personally experiencing all of the great places to play in Ipswich and creating this special book to encourage outdoor play and family outings within this beautiful city. This book is a free publication and available at most council libraries in Ipswich and tourism spots.  

It's for the love of educating through my own experiences and passions that I write children's books that make a difference.  

My first and second book titles, An IVF Story and 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees are Sex ED books for young ones from 4 years of age. These beautiful books were an exciting venture and this process of creation taught me so much about writing and publishing books.  

From writing, design for illustration,  publishing and distribution I take a hands on approach. 

Most recently I published On the Wings of a Butterfly,  a special children's book for families struggling to help little ones through times of grief.  This title is very close to my heart and the wonderful feedback from families and psychologists alike has truly been touching. 

I have co-ordinated and hosted the Bravehearts Hats for High Tea Garden Party - five years in a row - to date we have raised over $73,000 to educate Aussie kids about what is safe and what is not when it comes to their bodies.  Currently in Australia 1 in 5 Aussie kids will be sexually assaulted by the time they are 18 years old.  I am dedicated supporter of Bravehearts.

The hilariously funny Kat Davidson and her very own Stav Davidson graced our 2018 Hats for High Tea Garden Party for Bravehearts.  

And here we are smiling beside one another :)

Wondering who my amazing illustrator is? 

Presenting -Jessica Smith


In the Press

"Life is wonderful and joyous and thrilling but as adults we know that it can also be brutally tough at times. On The Wings Of A Butterfly beautifully guides children through the death of a loved one. Frankly, it's a must-have for every family bookshelf. Thank you, Belinda Messer for helping me explain loss to my kids."


Rebecca Sparrow - Author and columnist

Belinda is very passionate and committed to her work and has an easy going persona making it a pleasure to work with her.

Paul Pisasale

Former Mayor of Ipswich

Effervescence defines Belinda Messer's approach to life and her work, making her company compelling, and her books fantastic reads.  Someone so upbeat and enthusiastic is a rare find, and her creative talents are to be treasured.

Katherine Feeney

ABC Radio Brisbane

As a mother of three boys, it was great to find beautiful illustrated, practical stories that cover a variety of situations facing today's parents. Take a look at Bel Messer's books before the internet covers it for you! 

Kylie Kaden

Author of 

'Losing Kate' and 

'Missing You'




News & Events

"My Family Story" shared with Steve Austin on Brisbane Radio ABC612. Here I speak about my IVF miracle and infertility struggles. 
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On the Wings of a Butterfly LAUNCHES at Bookface Orion and online! 
Spencer Howson of 612ABC and I talk about my new book On the Wings of a Butterfly
Chats on River 94.9FM Radio with Campo and Margaux Parker about Ipswich Lets Play!
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Sydney Morning Herald article about the 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees 
My BRAVEHEARTS Garden Party Fundraiser SELLS OUT <3

We are a complete SELL OUT! In fact, within the first 6 hours of ticket availability we were at 90% capacity sold! Looking forward to July 9's Garden Party! 

My Radio Interview with ABC612's Kat Davidson about the Birds and the Bees

A lovely chat with Kat Davidson in the studios at Southbank about introducing the Birds and the Bees concept to young children.  When, how and why you should be up front and honest with young kids when it comes to this important topic.  Click to listen 

My radio Interview with ABC612's Spencer Howson and Mayor Paul Pisasale

Such fun it was chatting about the project Ipswich Lets Play with Spencer.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Qld and the kids were out in force by 9am at Orion Lagoon.

IPSWICH Lets Play launched in the Queens Park Zoo!

If I thought researching, writing and putting this beautiful book together was fun, the launch was even FUNNER! (hmmm, funner is not a word? I like it though.  It stays) We had balloon makers, and face painting, we had delicous cupcakes and the Mayor Paul Pisasale to officially launch his very own city's book for the childrn of Ipswich! They LOVED it! and everyone got a copy!

If you'd like one too.  Click the button <3


Inaugural Bravehearts Hats for High Tea Garden Party

Success! 178 ladies attended in the name of Bravehearts. Over $7,000 was raised for this event and with the funds we bought 55 Bravehearts Ditto in a Box kits. These kits have been donated to the many schools in the Ipswich region. 

As seen on Yahoo7. 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees video.

This book was self published, and with the brilliance of Darren Burgess of Zero K Productions we were able to create a promotional video that was just gorgeous.  Kids being kids.  


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